That song really builds.

Captain America vexel, click through the image or here for larger/wallpaper → (Christmas exchange with americanite; original still here)

(Click for actual poster!)

30 days chuck meme - day 02 - favorite character

So here it is, a vexel illustration of Sarah Walker, who’s latched on as my favorite character since the pilot, more or less. About seven hours of using the dang pen tool and trying to figure out how not to screw up her hand and ear, although I still did! And about five hours in did the thought ‘Maybe I should’ve used a picture with better lighting’ cross my mind. (Click preview or here for full wallpaper; textless version here!)

Click for bigger! Another ride for my graphic tablet (first one is here), this one took four hours-ish. It would’ve been much shorter if I knew what I was going to do with his mouth. Not that I now do, as you can see.

I bought a Wacom tablet, so this is me taking it out for a first spin. (Vexel/vector) Illustration of Zachary Levi/Chuck, took about 13 hours, an  aching back and a sore wrist. Click on the image or here for the full illustration!

Background! These are part of a series that I put together in under two days, for my portfolio for consideration of admission into a local university. Didn’t work, but c’est la vie; I had fun creating these anyway!